Welcome to the Warriors Fanfick WikiEdit

This website is to post your Warriors Fanfiction. All rights to Warriors go to Erin Hunter. Please do not use characters that are used in the books. Have fun with your characters!

Website Purpose/Politics (for some reason)Edit

Use this website to post your fanfictions that many websites don't allow! You can write about the Warriors (Erin Hunter), The Seekers (Erin Hunter), The Survivors (Erin Hunter) or any books that you find interesting! But only books, please. I'm trying to increase the number of books that young kids read, as they spend too much time nowadays glued to screens. (I sound so grown up). Especcially, encourage young kids to read THE WARRIORS! I believe it's a great series of books, and closely related to politics. Think about it. The Leader= President, Deputy = Vice President, Warriors = The People, Apprentices = kids that are 5+, Kits= kids/babys 4-! See it now? And other clans are like other countries. StarClan= Heaven (duh) and the Dark Forest/Place of No Stars = Hell (don't be childish/kitish).I guarantee that anything in the Warriors will somehow relate to politics and/or real life, except in the name changed that kits, apprentices, warriors, and leaders go through.

MY FANFICTION (to anyone who's interested)